The second Seminar of FRRC Contest Winners «Contribution of young scientists to FAIR project»

First announcement

FRRC organizes Seminar for Winners of FRRC First Contest that will be held on November, 26-27, 2009 under FRRC roof where scientific programs of FRRC fellows will be discussed.

List of participants and preliminary topics of reports (project topics)
  • PhD
    • Belogurov Sergey
      «Design and Integration of the CBM experiment»
    • Glazov Dmitry
      «High-precision calculations of the g-factor and hyperfine splitting of highly charged ions for tests of QED and determination of the fine structure constant at the FAIR facilities»
    • Grigorenko Leonid
      «Theoretical studies of the drip-line nuclei: structure, correlations in reactions and decays, astrophysical applications»
    • Logachev Pavel
      «500 MeV linac for ion-electron collider»
    • Peresunko Dmitry
      «Direct photon emission in the ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions at FAIR energies»
    • Reva Vladimir
      «Physics and technology electron cooling systems for FAIR facility (NESR, AIC, HESR). Investigation of heavy ion beam cooling, problems of electron and stochastic methods»
    • Rodionov Valery
      «Optimization of the PANDA Muon System»
    • Ryzhinskiy Mikhail
      «MuCh detector response studies at CBM»
    • Turtikov Vladimir
      «Diagnostic of density distribution inside a HEDgeHOB target with spatial and temporal resolution by ion/proton radiography method»
    • Shilkin Nikolay
      «Investigation of transport and thermodynamic properties of extreme states of matter generated by using heavy ion beams»
  • PhD students
    • Karasev Yury
      «Research and development of low loss superconducting NbTi wires to be used in FAIR SIS100 and SIS300 magnets»
    • Kononov Sergey
      «PANDA Forward Spectrometer RICH Optimization»
    • Krupko Sergey
      «R&D for R3B/EXL gamma-spectrometers, ELISE in-ring instrumentation»
    • Kryshen Evgeny
      «MuCh detector layout studies at CBM»
    • Mitrofanov Semen
      «ELISe in-ring instrumentation»
    • Rogov Yury
      «Study of Phi-meson production at PANDA in Pontecorvo reactions pd →φn, K+Σ-, K0 Λ»
    • Sharkov Georgy
      «Comparison of φ and ω meson cross sections, measured in different decay modes using CBMROOT simulations»
    • Shatunov Petr
      «EIC – Electron-Ion Collider (nonlinear effects, final focus, detector background); AIC – Antiproton-Ion Collider (final focus. minimal of EIC ring reconstruction for AIC mode operation)»
    • Shvarts Dmitry
      «Machine Lattice, Chromaticity and Dynamic Aperture of eRing; Beam- Beam effects»
    • Zryuev Vladislav
      «Research and development of fast and high resolution gaseous detectors for CBM»
  • Students
    • Bondarevskaya Anastasiya
      «Schemes for ion beam polarization at storage rings and search for parity violation effects»
    • Mikhaylova Ekaterina
      «Beam dynamics simulation for FAIR storage rings: NESR, HESR»
    • Nesterenko Dmitry
      «Simulations for the optical and decay detector design of the MATS setup»

Please send us proposals of final report statements to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than November, 15, 2009 (inclusively). Reports should contain previous scientific activity (related to the project). If you want to prolongate your contract with FRRC you should also represent future plans for the period 04.2010 – 04.2011 in the framework of project.


Time of reports is limited by 30 minutes for PhD fellowships and postdoctoral fellowships and by 20 minutes for master students including discussion.

The Seminar will be held on the territory of the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow, ITEP, B.Cheremushkinskaya St., 25, building №40).

RRC leaders will also represent some reports about technical and scientific development of project. The participation in the Seminar is essential part of work in the project! Travel and living costs (ITEP guesthouse) will be returned by FRRC.

Organizing committee:

Prof. B. Sharkov - FRRC co-director (ITEP, Moscow)

Prof. H. Gutbrod - FRRC co-director (GSI – FAIR, Germany)

A. Fertman - deputy FRRC director (ITEP, Moscow)

E. Gurjeva - conference secretary (ITEP, Moscow)