Rosatom-Helmholtz Young FAIR Group Leader Award

Call for Proposals, May 17th 2013

Rosatom-Helmholtz Young FAIR Group Leader Award

FAIR Russia Research Centre

Jointly supported by

Helmholtz Association and the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

The Helmholtz Association ("Helmholtz") and the State Atomic Energy Corporation ("ROSATOM") created the Helmholtz-ROSATOM FAIR-Russia Research Centre (FRRC) in 2008, in Bldg 40 at the site of the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP) in Moscow. An ambitious community of ca. 60 highly qualified young Russian scientists involved into FAIR related research could be formed through the programme of FRRC. Several of these young scientists have great potential to become leaders in Russian FAIR science.

On December 20, 2012 the president of the Helmholtz Association, Jürgen Mlynek, approved further funding for FRRC and specifically for the new Programme for Rosatom Helmholtz Young FAIR Group Leader Award. Based on continuous support also from ROSATOM, FRRC directors Boris Sharkov and Hans H. Gutbrod decided to launch the first call for Rosatom-Helmholtz Young FAIR Group Leader Awards. The Call will be focused on research in the fields of FAIR physics. FRRC announces the opening of the first call for applications lasting from May 17st 2013 until July 30th 2013. After a review period of two month several Helmholtz-Russia Joint Research Groups headed by young leaders will be selected for funding for a period of 3 years. Contracts will be concluded with the selected groups' participants for further award payment.

Aim of the funding measure

The Rosatom-Helmholtz Young FAIR Group Leader Awards (YFGLA) are designed to strengthen the Russian FAIR participation by identifying and supporting young Russian scientists as leaders of FAIR work packages in all fields of FAIR science. The chosen candidates are encouraged to form research teams containing one or two students and one or two PhD-students.

A special focus of the YFGLAs lies in the promotion of excellent young Russians, especially PhD-students, and in their involvement into the multi-national research projects and infrastructures steered by the research centres of the Helmholtz Association. Within the framework of the HRJRG funding scheme, excellent young Russian scientists should be given new career perspectives inside Russia while at the same time being closely tied to the international scientific community of FAIR.

Subject of funding

• YFGLAs shall be managed by a Young Leader (YL), responsible for the harmonisation and coordination of work packages within the HRJRG. The YL shall be announced as the spokesperson of a FAIR sub project.

• YFGLAs provide sufficient level of skill, equipment and manpower capabilities necessary to work on the defined FAIR related research project.

Scope of funding

• The amount of financial support to each group is up to 120,000 euros per year for a total of three years. The budget can only be used for one or more of the following cost categories:

  1. to cover personnel costs for the HRJRG, not more than 55 %;
  2. to cover the travel and accommodation costs for HRJRG researchers;
  3. to purchase equipment and consumables necessary for the performance of the project in Russia;

Conditions for funding

• For each YFGLA a joint proposal in English language has to be submitted through the FAIR-Russia Research Centre (see also below, "Submission of applications").

• The proposals must indicate the Russian Young Leader (YL) of the project. The Russian YL must be a scientist of outstanding reputation, not older than 39 years at the time of submission. Only persons who permanently live in the Russian Federation may participate in the Contest.

• The research group formed by young leader may consist of 1-2 master students and 1-2 PhD students, involved in the FAIR research programs.

• The proposal should contain a clear concept for the implementation of group members into the research activities.

• The proposals must meet the following conditions:

  1. o strategically relevant FAIR research topic;
  2. o significance for the advancement of basic research;
  3. o schedule plan for research activities;
  4. o financial master plan regarding the utilisation of funds requested from FRRC (3-year financial plan giving annual specifications of the categories of costs for each of the participating partner institutions respectively: personnel, consumables and equipment).

Submission of applications

• Applications in paper and *.pdf file of the material must reach the FRRC Office by July 30th 2013 at the latest.

• Applications must be submitted using the «Joint Research Proposal»-Form designed for the application process for FRRC YL-Award (disqualifying criterion).

• Applications must be written in Russian and English.

• Recommendation from appropriate FAIR collaboration must be provided.

• Five independent reviewers for the proposal shall be suggested including full addresses and e-mail.

• Applications must fulfil all the formal conditions for funding in order to be admitted to the evaluation procedure (amendments are not possible).