Young FAIR Groups’ Leaders Contest 2013

FRRC announces results of the Rosatom-Helmholtz Young FAIR Group Leader Award.

At the end of last September 17-18 workshop presentations of candidates, the leaders of the expert Committee selected the eight projects for young leaders, which will be funded.

Winners Young FAIR Groups' Leaders Contest and their projects

  1. Braguta Victor «Study of quark-gluon matter within lattice simulation of QCD»
  2. Glazov Dmitry «Zeeman splitting in highly-charged ions: novel approach to the non-linear effects»
  3. Kantsyrev Alexey «Development and commissioning of the high energy proton microscopy facility PRIOR»
  4. Kononov Sergey «Development of a Technical Design Report for the PANDA Forward RICH»
  5. Krupko Sergey «Development of detector systems and software instruments for experiments at SuperFRS and R3B@NUSTAR»
  6. Morozov Dmitry «Preparation of the research of charmonium using the system of electromagnetic calorimeters in PANDA experiment»
  7. Shurkhno Nikolai «Experimental studies of the HESR stochastic cooling system at Nuclotron (JINR, Russia)»
  8. Shatunov Petr «The system of injection and extraction of beams for the alternative option of the CR storage ring»