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Fifth International FAIR School, 03-10 of September 2017, Castiglione-della-Pescaia,Italy

Fifth International FAIR School (hereinafter – School), devoted to accelerators and FAIR scientific programs, is organized in the scope of FAIR-Russia Research Center's (hereinafter – FRRC) work in cooperation with  Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research for FAIR (hereinafter – HGS-HIRe). Four International FAIR schools were successfully held in the previous years: in Hirschegg (Austria, 2011), in Bekasovo (Russian Federation, 2012), in Crete (Greece, 2013) and in Castiglione-della-Pescaia (Italy, 2015).

Target audience of the School will be young FRRC scientists, master students, PhD students and PhDs from India and Poland, around 60 persons in total. Topics of the School include all main FAIR fields: accelerators, APPA, CBM, NuSTAR, PANDA. Each day of the School is devoted to the particular field, which gives an opportunity to make the program as comprehensive and interesting for listeners as possible. Lectures will be given by world-leading FAIR experts.

Format of the School includes lectures in the first half of the day and work in groups with joint discussion in the evening. Between the lectures listeners have an opportunity to ask lecturers questions on the material of the lectures and to check out poster presentations of the other participants of the School.

To give participants more time and opportunities for discussion work groups will be formed to work on the proposed topics and tasks. Experience gained in previous Schools shows that group work leaves good impression. Because of that group work will continue. Tasks for the group work are aimed to combine efforts of all participants for solving. Because of that the group work enhances international and interinstitutional connections as well as exchange of experience and knowledge. Joint meetings in the evening will be organized to discuss unsolved tasks, participants will be able to talk with lecturers in informal atmosphere and ask questions.

Participation and application

Listeners from FAIR-partner countries are welcomed to participate in the School: from Russia, Germany, India and Poland. Each partner country organizes application and selection procedures itself and can issue additional selection criteria with benefit to the aims of national research organizations and communities  on the basis of experience and existing mechanisms of attracting and selecting participants. All School-related expenses will be reimbursed to the selected participants.

Announcement for the Russian participants

Up to 25 PhD students and PhDs from FAIR-partner institutions will be selected to participate in the School; flight to Italy and back and accommodation with food will be covered for the whole period of the School.

Master students, PhD students and PhDs, who have not been to the previous Schools and who have demonstrated high level of study and work, are allowed to participate.

To participate in the School one must register not later that 16th of April 2017 by sending a resume and a recommendation letter to the organizing committee via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Recommendation letter must be written in the English language and must contain work/study place, scientific grade, FAIR collaboration and the reasons why the particular applicant should go to the School.

The organizing committee of the School will carry out selection. In case of selection a participant will receive an invitation to the School. Selected participants must prepare and send a poster to be presented at the School between the lectures; the deadline for sending a poster is 15th of August. A poster must be sent in .pdf file format and of A1 size to be printed.

The language of the School will be English.