(Additional call for applications) Third FRRC Student scientific and educational program


FAIR-Russia Research Centre

(NRC “Kurchatov Institute” SSC RF ITEP)

With the joint support of

Helmholtz Association and State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”

Attention! FRRC announces additional call for applications until 25th of September inclusive.

FAIR-Russia Research Centre announces the Contest for participation in the FRRC Student scientific and educational program. The program is aimed to involve up to 15 students into research work in the framework of the FAIR project. The program will last 6 months beginning in September 2014 with the break for exam sessions and holidays. The scientific and educational program consists of the lectures on topical FAIR problems, introduction into the activities of the main FAIR scientific groups and research work under the guidance of leading scientists. The students will receive a money reward (6000 roubles per month*). After the program finishes all the participants will receive certificates about their work. Successful finishing of the program increases students’ chance to receive FRRC annual grants.

Students studying from their 3rd year can take part in the Contest as well as PhD students doing their research work in the Institutes-partners of FAIR situated in Moscow and its suburbs and students from chairs that have their scientific base in those institutions. Applicants must successfully finish 5 semesters of their education and have the citizenship of the Russian Federation. Selection of candidates will be held on the basis of filled form, extract from academic record and interview. Those who will win the Contest will participate in the FRRC scientific and research work.

To take part in the FRRC Contest a candidate must send to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not late than 30th of April the following documents: filled form in Russian and English, certified copy of the extract from their academic record for the whole period of education. After the form review the candidate will be appointed an interview date. Those beginning their magistracy education in 2014 must additionally confirm their enrollment to the magistracy of one of the institutions-partners of FAIR. Participants of 2013 student scientific and educational program are allowed to take part in the new Contest as well. For them some of the lectures will not be obligatory.

The international FAIR project ( is aimed to create a unique next-gen accelerator complex with no analogs in the world. This project will allow all-new opportunities in research on the most significant courses of modern science and technology. Participation in the FAIR project gives unique experience of scientific and technical activity that is necessary to create innovative environment in society.

FRRC coordinates the activity of the Russian FAIR participants, holds different contests and programs aimed to support master students, PhD students and young PhDs who work in different fields of fundamental and engineering science and modern technologies and participating in the FAIR project implementation.

*Financial support will only be provided if FRRC gets regular payments from State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” or from Helmholz Association in the scope of FRRC project.