Course on scientific presentations in ITEP, Moscow, 8-10 April 2015

FRRC announces course on scientific presentations for the participants of FAIR research leaders’ groups which will take place on the 8-10 April 2015.

In this course on scientific presentations the participants will learn about proper design and delivery of scientific presentations. The course will be led by Dr. Sascha Vogel, Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research. Depending on the previous experience of the participating students the covered topics include:

- Design of presentation slides
- Design of posters
- Visualization of data
- Delivering the presentation and making an impact
- Handling tough questions
- Body Language & Voice

The course will be very interactive and participants will receive video feedback. Participants should bring a presentation with them and present it at the seminar, presentation will be recorded. The video then will be watched by the participants and Sascha to point out the mistakes and correct them. The person responsible for the presentation then presents the corrected version.

The course will take place in FSBI “SSC RF ITEP” in building 40 (FRRC) in Moscow, Bolshaya Cheremushkinskaya st., 25.