Fourth Contest of FAIR-Russia Research Center among senior students

FSBI «SSC RF ITEP» of NRC «Kurchatov Institute» announces Fourth FRRC Contest among senior students (hereinafter – Contest) in the scope of FRRC Student scientific and educational program (hereinafter – Program).

The Program is held during the 6 months period, starting in September 2015, with the break for exams and holidays. The succesful completion of the Program gives more chance to win the Eighth FRRC Contest among master students, PhD students and PhDs.

The aim of this Contest is giving support for most talented and active students, introduction into activities of the main FAIR scientific collaborations and carrying out research in the scope of the topics provided under the supervision of leading Russian scientists.

Participants of the Contest must be students, starting from the 3rd year of education, and applicants to magistrates, who carry out student research work in FAIR-partner institutions located in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as students and applicants to magistrates, which have their own scientific base in the named institutions. Applicant must succesfuly finish at least four semesters at the moment of application submission and be a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Winners of the previous Contests in the scope of Student scientific and educational programs are allowed to submit an application as well. They will be exempt from the introductional part of the lectures and will be visiting the extended lectures on the planned topic of their research work. For these participants work on the planned topic will start after the extended lectures are finished.

The selection of the participants will be carried out on the basis of the filled application form, recommendation letter from scientific tutor, copy of the student's record book and personal interview. Students, who win the Contest, will be participating in the Program.

To participate in the Contest one must send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than 15th of September 2015:

-       filled application form;

-       recommendation letter from scientific tutor with the planned topic of the student's work;

-       copy of the student's record book for all semesters at the moment of application;

-       consent to the proceeding of personal data.

For those, who apply for magistrate in 2015, there will be additional selection criteria – to be accepted for magistrate of a FAIR-partner institution.

Parallel participation in other FRRC programs is a disqualifying criteria for applicants.

Selection of the winners will be carried out by specially organized committe. After the review of an application an interview with an applicant will be appointed. The main selection criteria is the result of the personal interview. Results of the Contest will be published at FRRC web-site at

Financial support of the Contest winners will be provided in the amount of up to 6000 RUR in case of succesful research work. Final personal amount will be fixed by the committe according to the results of the work.

Financial support will be provided only in case of allocation of respective funds by FRRC for implementation of this Contest.

Application form


Consent to the proceeding of the personal data