Seminar ''Contribution of the young Russian scientists into the project FAIR'', 29 of November-01 of December 2016

Attention! The Seminar has been postponed until 14-15 of December 2016.

Program added

Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe – is an international organization, in which the Russian Federation is one of the shareholders.

The seminar ''Contribution of the young Russian scientists into the project FAIR'' is organized by the FAIR – Russia Research Center (FRRC) and will take place in the building 40 of FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' of NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'' oon 29 of November - 01 of December 2016.

The tareget audience of the seminar will be the Russian students, PhD students and young PhDs, who have applied for participation in the Eighth FRRC Contest among young scientists. The leading Russian and foreign scientists, who work in FAIR science fields, will additionally participate in the Seminar as experts.

The program of the seminar includes presentation of the projects for 2017 and reports on the results of work in 2016 in the scope of the research in all main FAIR science fields: NuSTAR, PANDA, CBM, APPA, Accelerators. The working language of the seminar will be English.

The young scientists will present to the Commission of the Contest the projects, on which they plan to carry out research in case of winning the Seventh Contest. Each presentation takes up to 20 minutes. After each talk there will be 10 more minutes for collective discussion by the Contest Commission and the other participants of the Seminar. Some of the scientists, who have applied for participation in the Eighth Contest and who are now the winners of the Sixth Contes, will present the results of their work for the past year.

Besides that, the Contest Commission will hold the closed session for selection of winners of the Eighth Contest.


As there are a lot of applications for the Eighth Contest, only those scientists, whose projects will not be assessed by the expert commission definitely, will be invited to the seminar. Applicants will receive an invitation from FRRC for the Seminar and will have to register by filling out this registration form. Organization of the Seminar is paid by the Organizing Committee. Accommodation and transport expenses are paid by participants or their home institutes. The Organizing Committee may provide financial support for the limited number of participants regarding accommodation.