Course of lectures on programming on modern multi-core computer architectures, 26-28 of April 2017, Moscow

Course of lectures on programming on modern multi-core computer architectures (hereinafter – Course) is organized by FRRC and takes place in the building 40 of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” – ITEP on 26-28 of April 2017.

Target audience of the Course will be mainly FRRC young scientists – winners of the Eighth FRRC Contest among master students, PhD students and young PhDs as well as young leaders and participants of FAIR research groups.

Program of the Course includes lectures on processing of data and physical analysis in high-energy and heavy-ion physics, review of the main approaches and methods of processing and analysis of experimental data as well as features of their usage in modern supercomputer clusters. Program also includes review of different ways for creation of multi-thread data and their usage on the level of parallel programming. Detailed examples from ALICE (CERN), CBM (FAIR) and STAR (BNL) are to be presented and discussed.

The Course is designed for three full days from 09:00 till 17:00 with coffee-breaks and lunch.

Participation and registration procedure

The Course is held for a limited number of participants – up to 15 people. To participate in the Course one must fill in the registration form at the FRRC web-site not later than 14th of April of 2017.

Participants will be selected by the Organizing Committee of the Course.

The language of the Course will be English.

Registration form