Third Contest (2011-2012)

Postdoctoral fellows:
  1. Study of strong interactions and hadronic matter in experiments using antiproton beam of unprecedented intensity and quality with momentum up to 15 GeV/c provided by the new GSI facility FAIR – Barabanov Mikhail - (PANDA, JINR)
  2. Design and Integration of the CBM experiment - Belogurov Sergey - (CBM, ITEP)
  3. Development of new algorithms for numerical simulations of QCD at realistic physical parameters - Buividovich Pavel - (CBM, ITEP)
  4. Theoretical prerequisites for high-precision atomic experiments at HITRAP - Glazov Dmitry - (SPARC, SPSU)
  5. Theoretical studies of the drip-line nuclei: structure, correlations in reactions and decays, astrophysical applications - Grigorenko Leonid - (NUSTAR, JINR)
  6. Development of experimental targets for shock-driven HEDM experiments at PRIOR-Proton Microscope for FAIR - Kolesnikov Sergey - (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS)
  7. Charge-transfer processes in collisions of bare and H-like ions with neutral atoms - Kozhedub Yury - (SPARC, SPSU)
  8. Monte-Carlo investigation of PANDA feasibility to measure the electromagnetic form factor in the time-like domain in reaction - Morozov Dmitry - (PANDA, IHEP)
  9. Development of the CBM calorimeter software: calorimeter in the CBM light option (for SIS 100) - Prokudin Mikhail - (CBM C, ITEP)
  10. Experimental equipment for investigation of extreme states of matter - Shilkin Nikolay - (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS)
  11. Research and development on SC magnet technologies, cryogenic tests of superconducting dipole and quadrupole magnets for SIS100. Research and Development of the stochastic cooling system and HV electron cooling system prototypes for HESR - Trubnikov Grigory - (Accelerators, JINR)
  12. Research and development of the controlled mirror mount system for RICH CBM detector - Vznuzdaev Marat - (CBM, PNPI)

PhD students:
  1. High energy particles in laser-plasma interactions as a secondary bright sources for diagnostics of WDM generated by heavy ion beams - Baranov Victor - (HEDgeHOB, IHED JIHT RAS)
  2. R&D of microchannel plate PMT for DIRC detectors of PANDA - Barnyakov Mikhail - (PANDA, BINP)
  3. Design of quadrupole magnet for CR - Berkaev Dmitry - (Accelerators, BINP)
  4. Observation of the electric dipole moment of the electron in hydrogen-like highly-charged ions in storage rings - Bondarevskaya Anastasiya - (SPARC, SPSU)
  5. Design justification of the CBM  beampipe and start version layouts of the STS and the ECAL for CBM experiment - Chernogorov Andrey -  (CBM, ITEP)
  6. Theoretical studies of structure and reaction mechanism for the drip-line nuclei and development of MC codes for study of reactions with few fragments in the final state - Egorova Irina - (NUSTAR, JINR)
  7. Planar Si detectors in Super-FRS beam monitoring and ELISE in-ring instrumentation - Gorshkov Alexander - (NUSTAR, JINR)
  8. RND for radiation resistant quadrupoles and sextupole for SFRS - Gurov Denis - (SFRS, SIS300/BINP)
  9. Integrated data acquisition and control system for proton microscope at FAIR - Kantsyrev Alexey - (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  10. Research and development of low loss superconducting NbTi wire for FAIR magnets - Karasev Yury - (Accelerators, VNIINM Bochvar)
  11. R&D for R3B/EXL gamma-spectrometers, ELISE in-ring instrumentation - Krupko Sergey - (NUSTAR, JINR)
  12. Implementation and feasibility studies of the sector geometry concept for the MUCH detector in the CBM experiment - Kryshen Evgeny - (CBM, PNPI)
  13. Longitudinal beam dynamics in the CR - Levichev Alexey - (Accelerators, BINP)
  14. R&D for dose-field measurement system in radiobiological experiments and irradiation of the different biological targets at ITEP-TWAC facility - Markov Nikolay - (BIOMAT, ITEP)
  15. Parity nonconservation effects in heavy He-like ions - Mayorova Anna - (SPARC, SPSU)
  16. Ion optical simulations of the system for the trap-assisted spectroscopy - Nesterenko Dmitry - (NuSTAR, SPSU)
  17. Optimization of structures and data processing algorithms for IPMs (ionization profile monitor) and BPMs(beam position monitor) - Orlov Andrey - (Beam diagnostic GSI, ITEP)
  18. Improvement of the p-bar transfer line from the separator to CR to increase the p-bar production efficiency - Shatunov Petr - (Accelerators, BINP)
  19. А preamplifier for CBM MUCH – Shumikhin Vitaly - (CBM, NRNU MEPhI)
  20. Dynamic Aperture improvement in all ion-optical modes of Collector Ring (CR) - Shvarts Dmitriy - (Accelerators, BINP)
  21. Research and development of a RF multi-cell deflector (wobbler) for LAPLAS experiment - Sitnikov Alexey - (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  22. Study of nucleon structure by processes with direct photons and leptons pairs production - Skachkova Anna - (PANDA, JINR)

Master students:
  1. Ionization probabilities in low-energy heavy-ion collisions - Bondarev Andrey - (SPARC, SPSU)
  2. Development of a numerical model of energy and momentum transfer from the exited electronic subsystem to the ionic one in tracks of swift heavy ions decelerated in the electronic stopping regime - Gorbunov Sergey - (HEDgeHOB, NRC “Kurchatov Institure”)
  3. Chiral hydrodynamics in effective field theory approach - Kirilin Vladimir - (CBM, ITEP)
  4. First-principle calculation of transport and optical properties of dense metallic plasma created by ion and laser beams - Knyazev Dmitry - (HEDgeHOB, JIHT RAS)
  5. Development of CATIA-VMC geometry builder and its application for CBM and NUSTAR MC geometry update - Ovcharenko Egor - (CBM, BMSTU-ITEP)
  6. Chiral hydrodynamics in effective field theory approach - Sadofyev Andrey - (CBM, ITEP)
  7. Determination of the nuclear charge radii from the isotope shifts in dielectronic recombination resonance spectra at heavy ion storage ring - Zubova Natalia - (SPARC, SPSU)
  8. Search for the parity violation effects with doubly-excited states in heavy Li- and Be-like ions - Zaytsev Vladimir - (SPARC, SPSU)

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