Fourth Contest (2012-2013)

PhDs' winning projects:

  1. «Development of software for simulation time buffer events in CBM experiment» - Kryshen Evgeniy (CBM, JINR)
  2. «Target chamber nodes and target stand for plasma physics FAIR experiments» - Shilkin Nikolai – (HEDgeHOB, IBCH RAS)
  3. «Dynamic generators for experiments in high density of energy in matter physics at PRIOR installation – FAIR proton microscope» - Kolesnikov Sergey – (HEDgeHOB, IBCH RAS)
  4. «Theoretical research of cores near stability border: structure, correlations in decays and reactions, astrophysical annexes» - Grigorenko Leonid – (NUSTAR, JINR)
  5. «Development software for calorimetry within the framework of PandaRoot and finalizing the research by Monte-Carlo method of the PANDA experiment opportunities in measuring electromagnetic form factor in time-like area in reaction» - Morozov Dmitriy – (PANDA, IHEP)
  6. «Research of QED effects in precise measurements of g-factor of bound electron» - Glazov Dmitriy - (SPARC, SPSU)
  7. «Calculations of processes in atoms' inner shells in low energy ion-atom collisions» - Kozhedub Yuriy – (SPARC SBSU)
  8. «Production of heavy quarkonia in hadron experiments» - Luchinskiy Alexey – (PANDA, JINR)
  9. «Research of pair lepton and direct photon production processes in PANDA experiment» - Skachkova Anna - (PANDA, JINR)
  10. «Research of opportunities of correlations of closed orbit and electro-optical structure of storage rings in the FAIR project» - Romanov Alexander – (Accelerators, INP)
  11. «Octupole and vertical dipole magnet correction in the CR ring of the FAIR project (Germany)» - Berkaev Dmitriy – (Accelerators, INP)
  12. «Development of modified variant of the experimental ESR storage ring and research of the possibilities of experimenting with NESR storage ring in the FAIR project» - Shatunov Petr – (Accelerators, INP)
  13. «Optimization of the design and arrangement of CBM experiment» - Belogurov Sergey – (CBM, ITEP)
  14. «Numerical modeling of QCD and research of quark-gluon plasma properties» - Braguta Viktor – (CBM, ITEP)
  15. «Developing of software for CBM calorimeter» - Prokudin Mikhail – (CBM, ITEP)

PhD Students' winning projects:

  1. «Designing of gamma-calorimeters on the basis of LaBr3(Ce) for NUSTAR» - Krupko Sergey – (NUSTAR, JINR)
  2. «Research of the possibility of multi-charge ions beams' polarization by radioactive recombination of polarized electrons and searching for fundamental symmetry effects' violation» - Bondarevskaya Anastasia - (SPARC, SBSU)
  3. «Silicic detectors and cilicic photoelectron multipliers for R3B/EXL spectrometers» - Gorshkov Alexander - (NUSTAR, JINR)
  4. «Relativistic effect of nuclear recoil in multi-charge boron-like ions» - Zubova Natalia – (SPARC, SBSU)
  5. «Relativistic calculations of ionization probabilities in low-energy ion-atom collisions» - Bondarev Andrey – (SPARC SBSU)
  6. «Development of beam diagnostics systems for electron-ion collider project in FAIR» - Rogovskiy Yuriy – (Accelerators, INP)
  7. «Optimization of quadrupole and sextupole magnets with corrective winding for FAIR storage ring» - Nalimov Pavel – (Accelerators, SBSU)
  8. «Search for parity violation effects in twice excited states lithium- and beryllium-like heavy ions» - Zaytsev Vladimir – (SPARC, SBSU)
  9. «Processes of electron capture by multi-charge ion (MCI) in storage rings» - Chernovskaya Evgeniya – (SPARC, SBSU)
  10. «Theoretical research of structure and mechanisms of core reactions near the stability border and development of MC codes for research of reactions with several fragments in final state» - Egorova Irina – (NUSTAR, JINR)
  11. «Calculations of recharge possibilities in heavy ions collisions in Hermite spline basis» - Maltsev Ilya – (SPARC, SBSU)
  12. «Optimizing of non-linear optics of the storage Collector ring (CR)» - Shvarz Dmitriy – (Accelerators, INP)
  13. «Generating of chi c mesons in the PANDA experiment» - Poslavskiy Stanislav – (PANDA, JINR)
  14. «Development of methods of increasing the productivity of electromagnetic calorimeter front spectrometer in the PADNA experiment under high strain» - Ryzhikov Sergey – (PANDA, JINR)
  15. «First principle calculations and semiempirical wide range models of portable and optical silver properties for modeling of laser experiments with probing impulse» - Knyzev Dmitry – (HEDgeHOB, JIHT RAS)
  16. «Development and testing the elements of the PRIOR installation» - Kantsyrev Alexey – (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  17. «Development of packages of simulation and reception and data analysis in the CBM experiment» - Ovcharenko Egor – (CBM, ITEP)
  18. «Development high frequency system of formation of quasi tubular heavy ion high energy beam for LAPLAS experiment» - Sitnikov Alexey – (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  19. «Rationale of the renewed design and ion guide layout, STS and ECAL of the CBM experiment» - Chernogorov Andrey – (CBM, ITEP)
  20. «Development of the BPM model (Beam position monitor) for CR (collector ring)» - Orlov Andrey – (Beam diagnostic, ITEP)
  21. «Anomaly effects in chiral environments and its' realization» - Sadofyev Andrey - (CBM, ITEP)
  22. «Transport properties of quark gluon plasma in relation with chiral anomaly» - Kirilin Vladimir – (CBM, ITEP)

Master students' winning projects:

  1. «The method of complex coordinates scaling in nonstationary tasks on ios in laser field» - Sosnova Kseniya – (SPARC, SBSU)
  2. «The methods of final basis set for Dirac equation solution in axially symmetric external field» - Rosenbaum Efim – (SPARC, SBSU)
  3. «Designing of test PCB and laboratory research of the prototype of preamplifier for the removal of the signal from muon camera integrated circuit in the CBM experiment» - Malankin Evgeniy – (CBM, MEPhI)

FAIR Russia Research Centre congratulates all the winners and wishes productive work in the project! In case of any questions please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.