Fifth contest (2013-2014)

PhDs' winning projects


  1. "The target chamber for experiment HAYHEKS: Frag protection and beam position detector" - Nikolai Shilkin - (HEDgeHOB, IPCP)
  2. 1."Charmonium spectroscopy on the lattice. Calculation of the mass spectrum of charmonium states and other parameters ( width and decay constants ) together with the collaboration QCDSF. " 2."Antihydrogen in a magnetic trap. Cooling problems of (anti-) matter. "- Luschevskaya Elena - (PANDA, ITEP)
  3. "The possibility of observing χc- meson and software development of CBM» - Mikhail Prokudin - (CBM, ITEP)
  4. "The study of the processes of lepton pairs birth and direct photons in PANDA experiment " - Skachkova Anna - (PANDA, JINR)
  5. "Nonperturbative relativistic calculations of multi-electron processes in ion-atom collisions " - Yuri Kozhedub - (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University )
  6. "Analog channel for specialized chips for CBM MUCH" - Shumikhin Vitaly - (CBM , MEPhI)

PhD Students' winning projects

  1. "Development of a digital control system for the project " Formation of quasi tubular heavy ion beam of high-energy using a multi-cell resonant rf deflector " " - Andrei Orlov - (Accelerators, ITEP)
  2. "The development of targets for experimenting with light-gas gun at the facility PRIOR - proton microscope for FAIR " - Alla Zubareva - (HEDgeHOB, IPCP )
  3. "QED corrections to the isotope shifts in multiply charged ions" - Natalia Zubova - (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University )
  4. "Development of methods to describe the geometry of the particles and packages for the CBM experiment and data analysis of the test beam detector in RICH experiment for CBM» - Ovcharenko Egor - (CBM, ITEP)
  5. "Further optimization of the layout design and rationale STS ion guide and the interface between the beam line and detector subsystems for SIS-100 experiment in CBM» - Chernogorov Andrew - (CBM, ITEP)
  6. "Design and development of high- beam rotation (wobbler) for the experiment LAPLAS» - Alexei Sitnikov - (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  7. " Development and testing of high-speed readout electronics for silicon tracking detector system in CBM» - Dement'ev Dmitry - (CBM, JINR)
  8. "The effect of parity violation in the process of resonant electron scattering by helium-like ions " - Vladimir Zaitsev - (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University )
  9. "The first-principle calculation of the thermodynamic , portable and optical properties of plastics used to improve the contrast of powerful laser pulses " - Dmitry Knyazev - (HEDgeHOB, High Temperatures RAS)
  10. "Development of a low-power peak detector with wide dynamic range for the muon system CBM» - Malankin Evgeniy - (CBM, MEPI)

Master students' winning projects

  1. "Calculations of excitation and ionization probabilities of multiply ions in strong laser fields "- Irina Ivanova - (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University )
  2. "Development of CATIA-GDML geometry builder and its application to experiment CBM» - Schetinin Vitaly - (CBM, ITEP)