Sixth contest (2014-2015)

The following projects have been recognized as winning:

PhDs' winning projects

1. «Development of targets of the shock compessibility of heterogeneous anisotropic materials at PRIOR» - Mochalova Valentina (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS);

2. «Radiation process in low-energy heavyion-atom collisions» - Kozhedub Yury (SPARK, SPSU);

3. «Model experiments and numerical simulatuions of cooling processes in antiproton beam and recombination processes in anti-hydrogen and positronium production in presence of a magnetic field» - Zelener Boris (FLAIR, JIHT RAS);

4. «The analysis and optimization of the quench behavior  for superconducting dipole magnet of CBM experiment» - Kurilkin Pavel (CBM, HADES, JINR);

5. «1  Calculations of the  masses and other  parameters of strange and charm hadrons  together with  QCDSF collaboration. Charmonium spectroscopy on the lattice; 2  Antihydrogen in a magnetic trap. Problems of (anti)matter cooling» – Elena Luschevskaya (PANDA, ITEP);

6. «Development of design of one RF deflector cell» - Sitnikov Aleksey (HEDgeHOB, ITEP);

PhD Students' winning projects

1. «Development of geometry description methods, data acquisition packages and data analysis tools for CBM experiment and their application to CBM RICH beam tests» - Ovcharenko Egor (CBM, ITEP);

2. «Development of porous materials targets for shock-wave experiments at PRIOR - Proton Microscope for FAIR» - Zubareva Alla (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS);

3. «Developing and testing of  high-speed readout electronics for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM detector» - Dementev Dmitrii (CBM, JINR);

4. «Development of the demonstrator for the prototype read-out ASIC for muon chambers of the CBM experiment» - Evgeny Malankin (CBM, MEPhI);

5. «Relativistic calculations of isotope shifts in highly charged ions» - Zubova Natalia (SPARK, SPSU);

6. «Calculation of pair-production probabilities in low-energy heavy-ion collisions» - Maltsev Ilia (SPARK, SPSU);

7. «High-precision QED calculations of the energies of boronlike and berrylliumlike ions» - Malyshev Aleksei (SPARK, SPSU);

8. «First-principle calculation and comparative analysis of thermodynamic, transport and optical properties of aluminum, silver and plastics under non-equilibrium conditions» - Knyazev Dmitry (HEDgeHOB, JIHT RAS);

Master students' winning projects

1. «Nonlinear particle dynamics simulations and beam capture and losses optimizations in present lattice of Collector Ring for FAIR project» - Bochek Daria (Accelerator, BINP);

2. «Development of targets of the shock compressibility of inert and chemically active liquids at PRIOR  facility» -  Lapin Sergey (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS);

3. «Developing of “CATIA-GDML geometry builder” and a study of Cluster Finder algorithm influence on Track Finding quality at low energy cut in STS» - Shchetinin Vitaliy (CBM, ITEP);

4. «Calculations of extraction and ionization probabilituies in highly  carged ions exposed to strong laser fields beyond the dipole approximation» - Ivanova Irina (SPARK, SPSU);

5. «Improvement of approximate formulas for the widths of three-body decays. Experimental data analysis optimization for fast radiation-hard Si detectors» - Kostyleva Daria (NUSTAR, JINR).