Seventh Contest (2015-2016)

The following projects have been recognized as winning:

PhDs' winning projects

1. «The investigation of the shock compressibility of heterogeneous anisotropic materials» - Mochalova Valentina (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS);

2. «Model experiments and numerical simulations of cooling processes in antiproton beam and recombination processes in anti-hydrogen and positronium production in a magnetic field» - Zelener Boris (FLAIR, JIHT RAS);

3. «Performance study with Monte-Carlo for CBM» - Blau Dmitry (CBM, NRC «Kurchatov Institute'');

4. «Time-based reconstruction/matching in CBMROOT/FairRoot» - Prokudin Mikhail (CBM, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

5. «Low power ADC» - Shumikhin Vitaliy (CBM, MEPhI);

6. «1.   Investigation of energies and other physical parameters of hadrons in lattice Quantum Chromodynamics. Charmonium spectroscopy. Antihydrogen in a magnetic trap. Problems of antimatter cooling.» - Luschevskaya Elena (PANDA/FLAIR, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

7. «Experimental research of high voltage electron cooling for HESR on high voltage cooler of COSY synchrotron» - Bryzgunov Maksim (Acellerators, BINP SB RAS).

PhD Students' winning projects

1. «The study of shock-wave properties of inert and chemically active porous media in order to develop targets for experiments at PRIOR - Proton Microscope for FAIR» - Zubareva Alla (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS);

2. «The g factor of highly charged B-like ions with nonzero nuclear spin» - Zubova Natalia (SPARC, SPSU);

3. «Ab initio QED calculations of the transition energies in berylliumlike ions» - Malyshev Aleksei (SPARC, SPSU);

4. «First-principle calculation of thermodynamic properties and electrical conductivity of tantalum and silver under the conditions of exploding wire experiments» - Knyazev Dmitry (HEDgeHOB, JIHT RAS);

5. «Electron-positron pair creation in heavy-ion collisions» - Malcev Ilia Egor (SPARC, SPSU);

6. «The development of laser diagnostics for experiments on high energy density in matter» - Gavrilin Roman (HEDgeHOB, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

7. «Analysis of oxide particles stability in advanced ODS steels under swift heavy ion irradiation» - Bogachev Alexei (BIOMAT, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

8. «Development of the behavioral model and system simulation of the read-out ASIC for the muon chambers of the CBM experiment» - Malankin Evgeny (CBM, MEPhI);

9. « Developing and testing of high-speed readout electronics for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM detector» - Dementiev Dmitry (CBM, JINR);

10. «Development of  data acquisition and analysis packages for CBM experiment, lab tests of CBM RICH DAQ prototype and development of MC geometry description package» - Ovcharenko Egor (CBM, JINR);

11. «Development of assembly and testing procedure for CBM STS modules» - Sheremetiev Aleksei (CBM, JINR);

12. «Design and research of the calorimeter module for CBM experiment» - Semennikov Alexander (CBM, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

13. «Studying of chamber characteristics and its dependence on resistivity of the ceramic electrodes, searching for optimal resistivity value in terms of loading capacity and operational stability of the chamber as detecting cell of the BFTC» - Malkevich Dmitry (CBM, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

14. «Simulations of optimal geometry of BFTC detector, clarification of acceptable minimal detector granularity, simulations of particle identification and determination of interaction time with different event generators» - Sultanov Rishat (CBM, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'');

15. «PANDA barrel muon system modeling and study of direct photon production processes at PANDA experiment» - Verkheev Alexander (PANDA, JINR);

16. «Development of system diagnostics of the physical parameters of pellets particle the hydrogen target» - Ovcharenko Egor (PANDA, FSBI ''SSC RF ITEP'' NRC ''Kurchatov Institute'').

Master students' winning projects

1. «Calculation of charmed hadrons energies in lattice gauge theory» - Solovieva Olga (PANDA, MEPhI).