Second Contest (2010-2011)

Postdoctoral fellows:

  • Design and Integration of the CBM experiment – Belogurov Sergey (CBM, ITEP)
  • Performance and sensitivity of the PANDA calorimetry to measure the particles decaying into gamma-quanta – Morozov Dmitry (PANDA, IHEP)
  • Study of strong interactions and hadronic matter in experiments using antiproton beams of unprecedented intensity and quality in the energy range of 1 GeV to 15 GeV provided by the new GSI facility FAIR – Barabanov Mikhail (PANDA, JINR)
  • Properties of hadronic matter in strong electromagnetic fields – Buividovich Pavel (CBM, JINR)
  • Development of CBM calorimeter software (calorimeter in muon option of CBM, detailed modeling of calorimeter response). Implementation of modern Panda TOF geometry – Prokudin Mikhail (CBM, ITEP)
  • Research and development on SC magnet technologies, cryogenic tests of superconducting dipole and quadrupole magnets for SIS100. Research and Development of the stochastic cooling system prototype for HESR – Trubnikov Grigory (Accelerators, JINR)
  • Optimization of the PANDA Muon System – Rodionov Valery (PANDA, JINR)
  • Diagnostic of density distribution inside a HEDgeHOB target with spatial and temporal resolution by ion/proton radiography method – Turtikov Vladimir (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  • The technical desighn report for 500 MeV linac for ion-electron collider – Logachev Pavel (Accelerators, BINP)
  • QED in heavy ions: higher-order contributions to the g-factor and the hyperfine splitting – Glazov Dmitry (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Development of new techniques and instrumentations for investigation of high energy density matter generated by intense heavy ion beams – Shilkin Nikolay (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS)
  • Charge exchange, excitation and ionization processes in heavy-ion collisions –Kozhedub Yury (SPARK, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Comparison of φ and ω meson cross sections, measured in different decay modes using CBMROOT simulations – Sharkov Georgiy (CBM, ITEP)
  • Theoretical studies of the drip-line nuclei: structure, correlations in reactions and decays, astrophysical applications – Grigorenko Leonid (NUSTAR, JINR)

PhD students:

  • Event reconstruction based on time stamps in the data flow of the CBM experiment –Kryshen Evgeny (CBM, PNPI)
  • R&D of microchannel plate PMT for DIRC detectors of PANDA – Barnyakov Mikhail (PANDA, BINP)
  • R&D for R3B/EXL gamma-spectrometers,ELISE in-ring instrumentation – Krupko Sergey (NUSTAR, JINR)
  • Research and development of fast and high resolution gaseous detectors for CBM –Zryuev Vladislav (CBM, JINR)
  • Data acquisition and control system for HEDP experiments on FAIR – Kantsyrev Alexey (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  • Design justification of the beampipe and the STS layout and study of the influence of the upstream detectors on the ECAL performance for CBM experiment –Chernogorov Andrey (CBM, ITEP)
  • EIC – Electron-Ion Collider (nonlinear effects, final focus, detector background) –Shatunov Petr (Accelerators, BINP)
  • Research and development of low loss superconducting NbTi wires with enhanced properties for FAIR SIS300 magnets – Karasev Yuriy (SIS-100, VNIINM Bochvar)
  • R&D for R3B/EXL silicon spectrometers, ELISE in-ring instrumentation based on planar Si and CVDD – Gorshkov Alexander (NUSTAR, JINR)
  • Machine Lattice, Chromaticity and Dynamic Aperture of eRing; Injection from electron linac; Beam-Beam effects. Antiproton option – Shvartz Dmitry (Accelerators, BINP)
  • Beam Transport Channel, Beam Injection and Beam Diagnostic – БBerkaev Dmitry (Accelerators, BINP)
  • Research and development of a RF multi-cell deflector (wobbler) for LAPLAS experiment – Sitnikov Alexey (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)
  • Beam dynamics in 500 MeV linac for ion-electron collider. Simulation and optimization for Technical Design Report – Levichev Aleksey (Accelerators, BINP)
  • Study of nucleon structure by processes with direct photons and leptons pairs production – Skachkova Anna (PANDA, JINR)

Master students:

  • Search for the parity violation effects due to nuclear anapole moments at storage ring with polarized ion beam – Bondarevskaya Anastasiya (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Development of CATIA-VMC geometry builder and its application for CBM and NUSTAR MC geometry update – Ovcharenko Egor (CBM, BMSTU-ITEP)

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