First Contest (2009-2010)


Postdoctoral fellows:

  • Design and Integration of the CBM experiment – Belogurov Sergey (CBM, ITEP)
  • High-precision calculations of the g-factor and hyperfine splitting of highly charged for tests of QED and determination of the fine structure constant at the FAIR facilities –Glazov Dmitry (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Theoretical studies of the drip-line nuclei: structure, correlations in reactions and decays, astrophysical applications - Grigorenko Leonid (NUSTAR, JINR)
  • 500 MeV linac for ion-electron collider - Logachev Pavel (Electron linac, BINP)
  • Direct photon emission in the ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions at FAIR energies –Peresunko Dmitry (PANDA, RRC “Kurchatov institute”)
  • Physics and technology electron cooling systems for FAIR facility (NESR, AIC, HESR). Investigation of heavy ion beam cooling, problems of electron and stochastic methods – Reva Vladimir (Accelerator, BINP)
  • Optimization of the PANDA Muon System – Rodionov Valery (PANDA, JINR))
  • MuCh detector response studies at CBM – Ryzhinskiy Mikhail (CBM, St.-Petersburg State Polytechnic University)
  • Investigation of transport and thermodynamic properties of extreme states of matter generated by using heavy ion beams – Shilkin Nikolay (HEDgeHOB, IPCP RAS)
  • Diagnostics of density distribution inside a HEDgeHOB target with spatial and temporal resolution by ion/proton radiography method – Turtikov Vladimir (HEDgeHOB, ITEP)

PhD students:

  • Research and development of low loss superconducting NbTi wires to be used in FAIR SIS100 and SIS300 magnets – Karasev Yuriy (SIS-100, VNIINM Bochvar)
  • PANDA Forward Spectrometer RICH Optimization - Kononov Sergey (PANDA, BINP)
  • R&D for R3B/EXL gamma-spectrometers, ELISE in-ring instrumentation – Krupko Sergey (NUSTAR, JINR)
  • MuCh detector layout studies at CBM – Kryshen Evgeny (CBM, PNPI, Gatchina)
  • ELISe in-ring instrumentation – Mitrofanov Semen (ELISE – accelerator, JINR)
  • Study of Phi-meson production at PANDA in Pontecorvo reactions pd  n, K+S-, K0 L - Rogov Yury (PANDA, JINR)
  • Comparison of φ and ω meson cross sections, measured in different decay modes using CBMROOT simulations – Sharkov Georgy (CBM, ITEP)
  • EIC – Electron-Ion Collider (nonlinear effects, final focus, detector background); AIC – Antiproton-Ion Collider (final focus, minimal of EIC ring reconstruction for AIC mode operation) – Shatunov Petr (ELISE – accelerator, BINP)
  • EIC – Electron-Ion Collider: Lattice Functions, Chromaticity and Dynamic Aperture of eRing; Beam-Beam effects – Shvarts Dmitriy (ELISE – accelerator, BINP)
  • Research and development of fast and high resolution gaseous detectors for CBM –Zryuev Vladislav (CBM, JINR)

Master students:

  • Schemes for ion beam polarization at storage rings and search for parity violation effects – Bondarevskaya Anastasiya (SPARC, St. Petersburg State University)
  • Beam dynamics simulation for FAIR storage rings: NESR, HESR – Mikhaylova Ekaterina (FLAIR, JINR)
  • Simulation for the ion optical and decay detector design of the MATS setup -Nesterenko Dmitriy (NUSTAR, St. Peterburg State University)

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