Fifth FRRC Contest among senior students in the scope of FRRC Student scientific and educational program in 2016-2017

List of winners:

1. Avdoshkin Alexander Sergeevich– 1st magistracy year of MIPT

2. Anikin Anton Andreevich - 1st magistracy year of MSU

3. Bukatin Timofey Nikolaevich  – 1st magistracy year of MISIS

4. Dementiev Alexander Alexandrovich – 1st magistracy year of NRNU "MEPhI"

5. Lazutkin Roman Romanovich – 1st magistracy year of MSU

6. Pryanishnikov Kirill Evgenievich  – 4th year of NRNU "MEPhI",

7. Skoblyakov Alexey Viktorovich  – 4th year of NRNU "MEPhI",

8. Trushin Maksim Sergeevich - 3rd year of NRNU "MEPhI",

9. Fatkullin Riyaz Damirovich – 4th year  of NRNU "MEPhI",

10. Shilov Dmitry Vyacheslavovich - 4th year of NRNU "MEPhI".