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Status of ITEP supercomputer
Date March 2017

CPU Time

27878 days








2nd PANDA Russia Workshop

Monday 26 April 2010

Opening, Magnet and MVD(14:00-16:00)


time title presenter
14:00 Welcome
14:10 Opening SCHMITT, Lars
14:20 Magnet Report from Dubna LOBANOV, Yuri
14:50 MVD Microstrip Status BRINKMANN, Kai-Thomas
15:20 Silicon detectors in nuclear and particle physics produced in Zelenograd GOLUBKOV, Sergei



time title presenter
16:30 Simulation of luminosity variations with a pellet target SMIRNOV, Alexander
SIDORIN, Anatoly
17:00 Moscow Julich Pellet Target Status BOUKHAROV, Alexander
17:45 Computer Experiments for PANDA Pellet Target R&D VARENTSOV, Victor
18:15 Discussion of further steps

Tuesday 27 April 2010

PWO Calorimeter(09:00-10:30)


time title presenter
09:00 Status of PANDA EMC NOVOTNY, Rainer
09:30 EMC barrel: current activities at IHEP VASILIEV, Alexander
10:00 Mechanical design of the barrel: status and plans LEVIN, Andrei
10:15 IHEP irradiation facility MOCHALOV, Vasily

Forward Shashlyk(11:00-12:30)


time title presenter
11:00 Sashlyk calorimeter status and current activity at IHEP SEMENOV, Pavel
11:45 Status of the PandaRoot development for the Forward Shashlyk Calorimeter MOROZOV, Dmitry

Time of Flight Detectors(14:00-15:30)


time title presenter
14:00 News on PANDA ToF from ITEP AKINDINOV, Alexander
14:20 ITEP ToF PCB status MALKEVICH, D.
14:40 In memoriam Vladimir Ammosov GAPIENKO, Vladimir
14:45 Last results from test of timing glass RPC with strip readout GAPIENKO, Vladimir
15:00 Discussion of ToF

PANDA Physics(16:00-19:00)


time title presenter
6:00 Anti-proton proton reactions in the region xT ~ 1 GeV SHIMANSKY, Stepan
16:30 Pontecorvo reactions pd -> phi n, omega n, K+ Sigma-, K0 Lambda at PANDA ROGOV, Yuri
17:00 Multimuon final states and measurement of double parton interactions at PANDA energies SKACHKOV, Nikolai
17:30 PANDA and QCD-- canceled SIMONOV, Yuri A.
18:00 Charmonia above open charm threshold KALASHNIKOVA, Yulia S.
18:30 Prospects of studying Charmonium spectrum and exotic states with an antiproton beam at PANDA energies BARABANOV, Mikhail

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Muon Detectors(09:00-10:30)


time title presenter
09:00 Muon system hardware status from Dubna ALEXEEV, Gennady
09:20 Electronics for the Range System Prototype PISKUN, Alexey
09:40 Muon system software and simulation status from Torino BUSSA, Maria Pia
10:00 Muon simulation status from Dubna RODIONOV, Valery

Cherenkov Detectors(11:00-13:00)


time title presenter
11:00 GSI DIRC Status SCHWARZ, Carsten
11:20 JINR DIRC status report -- canceled DODOKOV, Valery
11:50 Introduction of LZOS and long bars polishing status -- canceled
12:10 Discussion on bar specifications