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Status of ITEP supercomputer
Date March 2017

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Course of lectures at JINR (Dubna) on geometry transmission between the Monte Carlo simulation systems (ROOT и GEANT4) and CAD CATIA v5, 13-24 October 2014

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An on-site training course on geometry transfer between Monte Carlo particle transport codes ROOT and GEANT 4 on the one side and CAD system CATIA v5 on the other side was carried out by FRRC at JINR (Dubna) from 13/10/2014 till 24/10/2014. There were seight participants from JINR, members of the fAIR coillaborations CBM, NUSTAR, PANDA and from  NICA experiments BM@N and MPD. The training was based on the "CATAI-GDML Geometry Builder" an interactive tool for creation CAD based Monte Carlo geometry. The tool was developed in ITEP with participation of colleagues from GSI and Bauman MSTU.

The training included basic practice with GEANT 4.10 and usage of CATAI-GDML Geometry Builder itself.

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