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Status of ITEP supercomputer
Date March 2017

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International Seminar on Antiproton Physics and Technology at FAIR, 16-19 November 2015, Novosibirsk

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International Seminar on Antiproton Physics and Technology at FAIR (Seminar) took place on 16th to 19th of November in the Budker Institute for Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk). The seminar was organized by FRRC young FAIR groups' leaders Peter Shatunov and Sergey Kononov jointly with the local organizing committee and supported by FRRC. FAIR physicists from Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and other countries gathered to discuss the current status of the project, issues and their solutions, plans for the coming years  as well as to exchange experience on related topics.

Physicists from Darmstadt, Mainz, Jülich, Rome, who participated in the Seminar, touched almost every FAIR topic. Young scientists participated in the Seminar as well – that allowed them to gain experience from the elder generation of scientists and discuss their ideas with colleagues.

The atmosphere at the Semiar was friendly and laboring. Though the seminar was short (4 days only), participants managed to cover many FAIR topics. As the result, all the physicists from different countries, who gathered in BINP, jointly faced the scientific issues and exchanged experience in solving problems. All the participants gained something useful from the meeting: some found out new interesting things about the project, which they did not know, the others met new people from other contries and got new knowledge – that is especially important for young scientists.

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