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Status of ITEP supercomputer
Date March 2017

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27878 days








Course of training lectures on designing and giving talks on scientific projects, 27-28 of June 2016, Moscow

Course of training lectures on designing and giving talks on scientific projects (course) took place in the FAIR-Russia Research Center (FRRC) on 27-28 of June 2016. The lectures were given by Sascha Vogel – Scientific Coordinator of Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research for FAIR, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Winners of the Seventh FRRC Contest among master students, PhD students and young PhDs as well as participants of FAIR research goups, who work in FRRC in the scope of the Young FAIR Groups‘ Leaders Program, participated in the course.

The course included lectures on:

-proper slides design;

-posters design;

-proper visualisation of information;

-proper presenting of slides and information to audience;

-Q&A with audience;

-pantomime and contact with audience.

The course was held in the form of presenting the projects. Participants gave prepared beforehand presentations on scientific and science-related topics, after which they had active discussion: noted mistakes, time consumption, gestures, etc. Participants then were offered to correct mistakes in accordance with the results of the dicsussion and then to present again, avoiding mistakes. Besides that Sascha Vogel gave lectures on right techinques of avoiding typical mistakes in presentaions design, on proper contact with audience, etc.

The seminar was successful. Participants were satisfied with gained experience and knowledge, which again shows the effectiveness of Sascha Vogel’s courses. FRRC intends to organise such courses in future.