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Audit of the young FAIR groups leaders' activities, 12-13 of December 2016, Moscow

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Audit of the young FAIR groups leaders activities took place on 12-13 December 2016. Leaders and members of their groups – winners of the 2013 FRRC Contest among young FAIR groups leaders – participated in the Audit. The results for the 3 years of work were presented to the international commission. The program of the Audit included talks on all main FAIR collaborations: NuSTAR, PANDA, CBM, APPA, accelerators.

Closed session of the Audit commission took place on 13th December at which the groups work was evaluated. The experts noted significant success of all leaders in carried research and development as well as their organizational efforts. The work of the groups members was highly evaluated.

S.A. Kononov (BINP RAS): Development of a Technical Design Report for the PANDA Forward RICH. The work of the group is essential for the installation and performance of PANDA at the FAIR facility. S.A. Kononov has demonstrated to be a very effective and conscientious group leader by selecting very active PhD students for his team and by demonstrating his ability to lead a successful research team and qualifies for a scientific career as senior researcher.

P.Yu. Shatunov (BINP RAS): The system of injection and extraction of beams for the alternative option of the CR storage ring. The performed works show that the group leader has selected a number of highly qualified young experts, who are able to perform the proper steps for production of required hardware components for this specific ring. The well-organized project group by P.Yu. Shatunov has studied the most complicated and challenging elements of the CR. Many technical specifications have been prepared, approved and accepted by FAIR.

D.A. Glazov (SPSU): Zeeman splitting in highly-charged ions: novel approach to the non-linear effects. The theoretical calculations are vital ingredients to calculate the g-factor and provide the theoretical foundation of many atomic physics experiments at FAIR (APPA-SPARC) and beyond. D.A. Glazov has successfully established a strong group including extremely skilled students, which he seems to trust and provide very adequately with strong responsibilities.

S.A Krupko (JINR): Development of detector systems and software instruments for experiments at SuperFRS and R3B@NUSTAR. S.A. Krupko has successfully managed a project with a very diverse field of topics and responsibilities. This project is directly beneficial for the FAIR project as all developments are directly related to the NUSTAR program at FAIR. S.A. Krupko has not yet achieved to receive a PhD or Dr title. It is advised to facilitate this step in the very near future.

A.V. Kantsyrev (FSBI “SSC RF ITEP” of NRC “Kurchatov Institute”): Development and commissioning of high-energy proton microscopy facility PRIOR. The group leader together with his team has shown capability to master a construction work, to perform experimental measurements, to identify problems and to solve them. A.V. Kantsyrev deserves well a strong leading position in the Russian science after the YFGL program.

V.V. Braguta (FSBI “SSC RF ITEP” of NRC “Kurchatov Institute”): Study of quark-gluon matter within lattice simulation of QCD. This work is of great importance and provides guidance for the physics program pursued by the Compressed Baryonic Matter collaboration at FAIR. V.V. Braguta has shown his leadership by defining a carefully chosen research program and by selecting competent collaborators and without doubt qualifies as a senior researcher heading a successful theory group.

D.A. Morozov (FSBI “ SSC IHEP”): Preparation of the research of charmonium using the system of electromagnetic calorimeters in PANDA experiment. The group is very advanced in their project. They submitted already a Technical Design Report, which has been approved by the Expert Committee Experiment of FAIR and the FAIR management. D.A. Morozov has been very successful in hiring competent young theorists, experimentalists and engineers for his team.

The commission recognized the efficiency of the Program of young FAIR groups leaders and recommended to continue by announcing the new contest among young FAIR groups leaders in 2017.

Program of the Audit

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