The webcam shows the FAIR construction site from top of the Target Hall located in the east of the GSI premises (updating every 15 minutes).

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Status of ITEP supercomputer
Date March 2017

CPU Time

27878 days








On February 12 – 17, 2011

1the First Joint Helmholtz-Rosatom School devoted to FAIR accelerators and scientific program was held in Hirschegg (Austria). The young generation of scientists working in experiments at FAIR was getting together, especially the fellows of the FRRC (Moscow) and the graduate students of the HGS-HIRe (Frankfurt). Leading scientists gave lectures that focus on various branches of research and applications with heavy ions: accelerator physics, nuclear physics and physics of elementary particles, physics of high energy density in matter and atomic physics. They presented physical programs of FAIR collaborations (PANDA, CBM, NUSTAR, HEDgeHOB, WDM, SPARK, FLAIR) and experimental facilities that will be constructed in frame of the project. Some young leaders of FAIR collaborations also gave 20 minutes presentations devoted to FAIR project. As a result, a good scientific and personal relationship between young people from different FAIR collaborations and especially between experimentalists and accelerator community was established. 
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